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Our Vision

“We inspire our community through excitement and empowerment.”


Our Statement of Philosophy

Boorowa Early Education Centre values Early Childhood Education and Care as the foundation for lifelong learning and we believe that childhood should be filled with fun and laughter.

Located within a small rural farming community, we ensure a sense of connection is advocated for each child. We explore our community and the cultures within it, as we believe this promotes a sense of belonging for educators, children, and their families.

Each child is a unique individual and is viewed, respected, and treated as such. Children are seen as competent and capable learners who are curious about their world. We show delight and nurture children’s individuality and scaffold their learning by embracing these natural curiosities, whilst understanding that all children learn and develop in different ways.

We emphasise the importance of the environment in the early learning context and aim to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere that is welcoming to all. We provide authentic, open and natural play spaces that provoke thoughtful discussion, challenge, and support every child’s participation.

We acknowledge that the collaborative partnerships we have with families are built on mutual trust and understanding, which helps to create and maintain a positive and respectful environment for children. We strive to genuinely know our families and create connections that promote belonging within our centre.

Our service recognises the importance of professional teamwork, where staff feel valued, and each member is respected for the contributions they make. We are a team of lifelong learners who strive for best practices within the early education and care sector. We draw upon each individual educator's knowledge, experience, and strengths - encouraging a lively culture of professional enquiry, networking, continual improvement, and ongoing professional development.

Updated August, 2023

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