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Our Philosophy

Boorowa Early Education Centre values Early Childhood Education and Care as the foundation for lifelong learning. We believe that each child is a unique individual and should be viewed, respected, and treated as such. We believe that children have the right to quality education and care that is responsive to their individual development which supports them to grow, learn and to become active participants in our community.
Children have the right to feel a sense of belonging within our learning environment, in their family and in the wider community. With this in mind, we aim to create a nurturing, familiar environment that fosters the child’s holistic development. We strive to ensure each child is respected, listened to and acknowledged, guiding them to be who they are now and who they can become.
Located within a small rural farming community, we are recognised by local residents and are invited to participate with local schools and businesses in town events. We participate in library Storytime, community walks, and linking in with local schools to ensure a sense of community is promoted for each child. We value these ties to our community and believe that participation in these events promotes a sense of belonging for educators, children, and their families.
We emphasise the importance of the environment being the third teacher and aim to provide warm and inviting spaces that are welcoming to all. They provoke thoughtful discussion, challenge, and support every child’s participation. This enables us to support children’s autonomy, including skills in self-care routines, which in turn promotes confidence and independence.
We recognise that the collaborative partnerships we have with families are built on mutual trust and understanding, which helps to create and maintain positive and respectful environments for children; both where they live and where they learn. We strive to genuinely know our families and create connections that promote belonging within our centre. Through this, we gain family input into our educational program as it gives us a shared and consistent approach to their child’s individual learning.
Our educational program is meaningful to all children and their family culture and enriches children’s learning through both planned and spontaneous experiences that are built from interests, strengths, and personal goals. With these combined, we are able to follow along and support the individual child’s learning journey.
We acknowledge that each child is a unique individual, who is a competent and capable learner and curious about their world.  We nurture children’s individuality and scaffold their learning by embracing these natural curiosities, whilst understanding that all children learn and develop in different ways and times.
We are a team of lifelong learners, who practice collaboration and promote open discussion as we share our knowledge and skill sets across the whole centre. Through honest and open discussion, we encourage each other to base our practices on current knowledge and best practice within the early education and care sector. We support each other to stay abreast of contemporary theory and approaches through reflective practices and professional learning. We are advocates of the continuous improvement cycle, as this ensures responsibility for success and embeds open communication, celebration, and humour into our workplace.

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